New facing brick format available

Bad Laer, May 2022 - For the first time, Feldhaus Klinker is offering the thin long format popular with architects.

It is already a small sensation - for the first time Feldhaus Klinker offers a facing brick in the format 290 x 115 x 52 mm. The format, which is particularly popular with architects, is initially in stock in an anthracite-silver mottled color with a smooth surface. Other grades are to follow gradually in different colors and finishes.

The trend towards slim formats has been around for some time. However, the classic thin format is more time-consuming to process than the normal format. The long, thin format largely compensates for the extra work involved in processing, while also scoring points in terms of aesthetics. The product developers at Feldhaus Klinker have given the facing clinker yet another small advantage: A unique "two-hole design" enables better handling at the construction site. It supports safe and easier gripping of the 2.8 kg clinker. Speaking of clinker: It goes without saying that, as with all Feldhaus products, water absorption is below 6%.



The new facing brick format 290 x 115 x 52 mm opens up new perspectives in facade design.