Feldhaus Klinker and Sievert enter into 10-year warranty partnership

Feldhaus Klinker, the internationally operating brick and thin brick factory from Germany, and Sievert, a leading supplier of premium building materials throughout Europe, are entering into a warranty partnership with the aim of guaranteeing safety on the facade. The warranty applies to brick slip bonding on monolithic masonry as well as on concrete and precast concrete elements. It comprises a total of 12 thin brick product lines from Feldhaus Klinker and 15 system products from the Sievert product brands akurit and quick-mix.

With the warranty partnership, the two companies take responsibility for defects in the façade construction for a total of ten years, provided that the Feldhaus thin bricks have been professionally processed with Sievert system products. This warranty refers to the protection of the facade against leaching and efflorescence as well as a frost and weather resistance of the materials supplied by the warranty partners as a complete system. Leaching and efflorescence in particular can quickly make brick facades look unsightly. With SECON® Sievert counters with a self-developed and patented binder technology that reliably prevents leaching and efflorescence from the grout. The technology is used in the S-FM grout of the Sievert brand quick-mix as well as the FM-R brick slip grout of the akurit brand.

The 10-year warranty agreement can be requested from Sievert using the following contact details: Phone: +49 4191 808944 | E-Mail: planungsservice@sievert.de