Feldhaus Klinker revolutionizes the appearance of the clinker brick slips through geometric shapes in the surface and presents this product innovation at Architect @ Work.

RETHINK POSSIBILITIES! - Think about your options when it comes to facade design. This is the call to architects and planners.

Clinker brick slips correspond in their materiality and aesthetics to facing clinker. At Feldhaus Klinker, the clinker brick slips have already been produced for 40 years in the thickness in which they are later sold. No subsequent sawing of the whole stone and thus no waste of resources. Resource-saving production for a product that lasts for generations. This is in line with the ecological principle of sustainable construction.

So far, we have been able to score with a unique feel and look: With salt or coal firing, sanding, engobes and glazes, graining and much more. But that was not enough for us. As an innovation leader in the field of clinker brick slips, we have created the technical possibilities to give clinker brick slips a new shape:

This "pinnacle" shape is just one of many possible geometries. We support architects and planners in developing a unique geometry for their project. Contact us and open a new chapter in creative facade design with clinker brick slips!