Excellent quality combined with a maximum of reliability.

Feldhaus stands for excellent quality, long-life cycle, uncompromised reliability and innovative strength worldwide. Bricks for impressive façades and surfaces – Made in Germany.

We closely cooperate with trade and craft, partners and installers and regularly examine how the quality of our products is perceived on the market. With innovative methods we achieve a continuous improvement of our products, solutions and services. Thousands of customers rely on Feldhaus bricks.


The quality and long-life cycle of products, our innovative strength and reliability as well as the extensive product range constitute our leading market position. Our plants are equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to the permanent optimisation Feldhaus products, in combination with external thermal insulation composite systems as well, conquered a leading position in the international market for energetic renovations and new buildings.

As a reliable partner for trade and craft we offer an extensive range of bricks and constantly develop new products in order to correspond to the current colour and style trends. The production of thin bricks in water-struck appearance with the physical characteristics of bricks can be taken as an example for our innovative spirit.

Apart from thin bricks and facing bricks the product range also includes clay pavers and small cobbles for mosaic. All brick products are fired at temperatures of up to 1200 °C. This makes them particularly resistant to all weather-related influences.

Feldhaus bricks benefit from an increasing character in the course of the years, inspiring building owners and investors for decades to come.


One of the quality properties of Feldhaus clinker bricks in particular is their low water absorption. While conventional hand-molded bricks absorb up to 20 percent water, the value for Feldhaus clinker bricks in hand-molded design, for example, is only between two and five percent. Damaging weather influences cannot harm the clinker. The stone remains clean and does not weather, the surface retains its beautiful appearance and color.


Other properties at a glance:

Frostsicher Umweltschonend Wasseraufnahme reduziert Farbbeständig Witterungsbeständig Feuerbeständig WDVS-geeignet Normgerecht

  • Frostproof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low water absorption
  • Color fast
  • Weatherproof
  • Non flammable
  • Suitable for ETICS (clinker brick slips)
  • Standard-compliant

A house is supposed to be cool in summer and warm in winter. It is supposed to have an attractive façade not involving much maintenance, withstanding wind and weather and also able to overcome many generations undamaged. These requirements are easy to fulfil with Feldhaus bricks. Feldhaus bricks protect and decorate new buildings at the same time and fulfil the requirements of the German energy saving regulations. Combined with a suitable insulation, heating and maintenance costs for your façade are reduced permanently and noticeably.

Feldhaus bricks are also perfect for old buildings. They are just laid in front of the load-bearing wall at a little distance without having any impact on the existing building structure. Thin bricks are glued directly to the existing façade when using an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). So old buildings become real eye-catchers.


All our products are subject to constant control and quality management processes. Quality, guarantee and safety are our top priority. Every single Feldhaus employee – whether working in product development or support – contributes to the quality management.

In each phase of the production the staff of the Feldhaus laboratory have access to retain samples and materials so that in case of quality impairments the cause can be determined quickly. The employees conduct quality protection tests on the fired bricks. The special characteristics of a brick – the low water absorption of up to 6 % and the bulk density of at least 1.9 kg/dm³ are assigned to a compressive strength class. Although bricks are densely burnt, they have a capillary effect. The capillaries absorb water and release it. This permeability is decisive for the wall construction and all climatic influences.

Our ceramic engineers constantly experiment with new brick recipes in the laboratory. The products are tested in a small kiln and trials on the surface treatment are made. Small burnt pieces of new clay provide information on colours and shrinkage behaviour.

In addition to these tests in our own laboratory, our products are tested independently and externally by the quality association “Güteschutz Ziegel e.V.”.

Feldhaus bricks fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 771-1 in connection with DIN 20000-401. Thin bricks are produced in accordance with these standards. Clay pavers fulfil DIN EN 1344 and DIN 18503.


Sophisticated surfaces of old craftsmanship.

Bricks with certified quality according to DIN EN 771-1 and DIN EN 20000-401 as well as DIN EN 1344 and DIN 18503. Independent of the large variety Feldhaus ensures highest quality for each surface – with best weather protection, dimensional accuracy and consistency in shape and colour.


Responsibility for generations to come.

The harmony of economy, ecology and social responsibility has been an integral part of Feldhaus' corporate culture for generations. We define sustainable development as the instrument to achieve long-term growth and in doing so we feel responsible, beyond the manufacture of bricks, to create and preserve living spaces. We aligned our corporate social responsibility accordingly: Socially responsible and actively following ecological principles. For our employees, partners, customers and for the entire region.


Following clear environmental goals for all business areas, Feldhaus conducts all activities in an elaborate and sustainable manner. We permanently focus on investments for reducing energy consumption, resource preservation and renaturation. Resources are used responsibly and, in many cases, we go beyond the legal requirements. This includes the commitment to an environmentally friendly procurement ranging from the entire supply chain to business partners. 

  • decarbonisation
  • preserving resources
  • renaturation

These measures ensure that our customers receive environmentally compatible products.

Humans & society

Feldhaus is actively commited to health and safety on the workplace. To do this we pay attention to social and coporate standards and continuously work on developing them further. We mainly focus on the areas of social conditions, safety at work, site as well as environmental management.

Business practices

Feldhaus promotes a value-oriented corporate philosophy which is not only based on quantitative, economic values but also on qualitative values such as moral-cultural, social and other non-financial ones. Acting responsibly and fairly is encouraged and achieved by employees who identify themselves with the corporate values and principles and independently recognise the right actions.


Finding the balance between social, economic and ecological factors is a challenge. Optimally using resources throughout the entire development and production process already starts in the field of product design when choosing the right materials, reduced use of materials and lower emissions during production.

Even during production Feldhaus corners prove their particularity: As Feldhaus corners don’t require a supporting brick, valuable raw material is saved. Material that doesn’t meet the quality requirements is returned to the production process. The innovative production method was awarded particularly environmentally friendly by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

  • Thin bricks and corners are directly extruded in the required mould and not cut.
  • Use of exclusively non-labelled natural additives.
  • Low-waste production with comparatively small primary expenses.
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