TURN ON Architecture Festival Vienna from March 3 - 5, 2022

Last year was an exceptional year. The world was upside down, almost everything was different than before. During this time, architecture also came into focus: first deserted streets, then equally empty buildings like the famous St. Peter's Basilica in Rome at Easter. Pure architecture, as it can be experienced most rarely. And then the forced retreat into the private sphere, into one's own four walls. Thus, the architecture for housing acquired special significance. Finally, the question was increasingly formulated: What will happen at the end of the pandemic? Is there a rethinking or reimagining of some or even many aspects of life?
As always, new and innovative aspects of building are the focus of the lectures at the TURN ON architecture festival. Fundamental architectural issues are to be reconsidered with the claim of "building culture". But how can the latter arise? What circumstances make it possible for construction to develop at the highest level? These questions will be addressed in presentations during the festival.

In this context, Key Account Manager Jens Fricke and Professor Antje Freiesleben from the architectural firm Modersohn & Freiesleben will provide exciting insights into the Maximilians Quartier project in Berlin.


The architecture festival TURN ON in Vienna will take place this year from March 3 - 5.

The Maximilians Quartier in Berlin comprises four houses and sets accents with glazed brick slips.