The Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, honors outstanding achievements in various design categories every year. This year, Feldhaus Klinker convinced the international jury in the "Urban Design" category with its innovative approach and the outstanding design of its accentuated thin bricks.

The two award-winning accentuated thin bricks from Feldhaus Klinker embody the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in urban spaces. Their timeless design, versatility and resource-saving production make them outstanding elements for architectural projects in urban environments. While the "Form 21" thin brick stands out with its unique geometry, the one with comb structure stands out with its color change effect. It changes its visual appearance depending on the viewing angle.

Accentuated thin brick with comb structure
Accentuated thin brick with comb structure

"Form 21" accent thin brick

The products were selected from hundreds of entries from all over the world and recognized for their outstanding design quality.

The Red Dot Award underlines Feldhaus Klinker's position as a leading supplier of clinker products that not only meet the highest aesthetic standards, but also fulfill the requirements for sustainability and functionality.

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