Energy transition at Feldhaus Klinker - Update

Another step closer to CO2-free brick production

The expansion of self-produced renewable energy that began in the summer continues to take shape. As a further milestone in the development, construction work on the gas transfer station on the plant premises has recently been completed. "Thanks to the new gas transfer station, we are now able to add up to a maximum of 30% hydrogen to the natural gas required for the combustion process," explains plant manager Alexander Schröder.

The expansion of photovoltaic systems is also progressing. At the moment, about half of the plant hall roofs are equipped with PV modules, which corresponds to an output of approx. 4 MW/p. The networking of the plant in the form of a ring main and the construction of several new transformer stations is running in parallel. The necessary cable network requires cable cross-sections that are completely new even for an industrial company like Feldhaus Klinker.

The coming winter months will be used to finalize the grid infrastructure for the existing PV modules.

Cable cross-sections like these are unusual even for an industrial company like Feldhaus.

Heavy equipment must be used to move the cables for the ring main.

New construction of a transformer station.