Knauf exterior wall with AQUAPANEL® technology  consists of a trend-setting dry walling system with a unique combination of economy, sustainability and structural-physical advantages beyond the traditional construction techniques. The system benefits from shorter construction times to finishing the surface and simple changes in use when reconstructing rooms. Apart from that an additional exterior insulation can be fixed due to the slight thickness of the exterior wall.

Up to 50 per cent of primary energy input and up to 30 per cent of carbon dioxide are saved during production – thanks to the lean construction method and the low weight..

Used in connection with Feldhaus thin bricks more usable interior space can be achieved while gaining surfaces of up to 3 per cent due to the low wall thickness. At the same time all coarse ceramic advantages such as extreme robustness as well as frost and colour resistance are combined. In order to achieve a façade made of thin bricks to optically look the same as a masonry wall, building angles such as lintels and reveals of windows are clad with thin brick corners. Thus combined with the Knauf exterior wall with AQUAPANEL® technology, timeless buildings free from renovation can be developed. The natural building material of Feldhaus Klinker also stands for continuous, lifelong quality and healthy housing as well as insensitivity against mechanical influences.

The system version WM411C offers the following performance features:

  • Surface design: thin bricks
  • Distance to stand: 625 mm
  • Fire protection: ≤ 90 min (CW metal sections are strapped)
  • Sound insulation (Rw,R): ≤ 59 dB
  • Thermal insulation (U value): ≤ 0,28 W/m²K, requirements of German energy saving regulations can be undercut significantly

In single cases an approval for the system may be required.