Feldhaus facing and thin bricks have given buildings a robust and sustainable character ever since. The various surface colours and textures do not only look nice, but are extremely insensitive to exterior influences. The excellent physical properties, such as natural composition of raw materials and extremely low water absorption, guarantee that facing and thin brick façades permanently remain free from dirt and algae and that renovation intervals are unnecessary.

Due to constantly increasing energetic requirements, thin bricks are more and more processed on external thermal insulation composite systems. The new high-performance insulation weber.therm plus ultra based on Resol rigid foam has a thermal conductivity coefficient of only 0.021 W/mK and enables an even leaner system construction. All values of the current energy saving regulation can also be fulfilled with moderate insulation thicknesses starting from 80 mm. Thus additional square metres of living space can be gained in the residential building sector. Apart from that, the system is characterized by a good fire protection, Euro-class B- s1, d0, low flammability and can be built in without additional fireproof barriers.

So this combines the natural advantages of thin bricks with the modern innovations of the system builders.