Feldhaus Klinker further established and extended its market position with thin bricks. Due to the latest production technologies numerous changings in design have been made for the last past years leading thin bricks on external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) to be considered as a real alternative to traditional double wall construction methods. So the energetic as well as housing space supporting advantages become obvious. Optically thin bricks in connection with the appropriate formed parts such as corners can hardly be distinguished from full facing bricks.

Thin bricks on ETICS get even more popular which is among others underlined by the current 25 national technical approvals of the German Centre of Competence for Construction/Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in Berlin. These approvals refer to exactly this construction and many of them are being modified due to current legal requirements.

Feldhaus meets exactly these requirements. Thanks to current research and modern and future-oriented industrial engineering planners and investors can rely on Feldhaus' thin bricks without any limitations when using them on ETICS. More precisely: 100 per cent of the Feldhaus Klinker products meet the requirements of all 25 national technical approvals when using EPS insulating materials. Almost the same applies to the use of mineral wool on ETICS. Thus all façade designers can randomly choose Feldhaus' thin bricks on ETICS façades which makes Feldhaus Klinker unique in this connection.