Apartment Buildings

Architect: Algirdas Kaušpėdas, Object: Vilnius, Lithuania, R669NF, One of the best real estate projects in Europe with thin bricks from Feldhaus.

An extraordinary person designs an extraordinary settlement. He is an architect, leader and singer of the band „Antis“ and also one of the initiators of the Lithuania Movement: Algirdas Kaušpėdas.

Algirdas Kaušpedas, Antis (roko grupė)

In his youth he was an architect of Kaunas Cities construction design Institute, later executive secretary of Kaunas architect union. He has been a director of Lithuanian national television for two years. From 1988 to 1990 he participated actively in Lithuanian reorganization Movement activity. The movement of the initiative group was created by the Academy of Sciences. Algirdas Kaušpedas was one of the sponsors of this group. He took down the fight for freedom from political tribunes to ordinary people by inviting them to Rock marches. The band “Antis“ was gathered from non-professional musicians: architects who dared to spoof soviet life in these stagnation times and became singing revolution leaders.

In 1993 Algirdas Kaušpedas established the joint stock company „United Force“. He built houses not only in Lithuania, but also in Germany, Denmark and Norway. He created a sales system for multiple residential projects named „United Force Houses“, published a few catalogues of multiple residential projects and founded the modular home design and construction company JSC „JP Haus“.

In 2012 Algirdas Kaušpedas was granted as Vilnius city emeritus citizen for his activity in Movement times and for promoting patriotism among young people. In 2015 Algirdas Kaušpedas participated in the „Mission Siberia“ project, which purpose is to honour injured and dead country people, to promote understanding between generations, to give an opportunity for young people to know more about past events and to show society one more time that young people are interested in history of their country.

The real estate company MG Valda assigned the star architect.

MG Valda is one of the largest real estate management and development companies in Lithuania. There is no company in Vilnius which offers and rents more premises of medium, high and prestigious class. MG Valda built among others the model settlement „Pušu Terasos“ in the prestigious district Antakalnis.

In the shade of the swaying pines of the prestigious district Antakalnis (in English “place on the hills”) the settlement „Pušu Terasos“( in English “Pine Terraces”) was built, which is harmoniously integrated into the natural environment.

Spacious terraces of more than 100 square metres made of larch board create the main accent on the seventh and eighth floor. They are considered as a brave architectural solution and as a model for other real estate companies. But that’s not all: The settlement is also a model for sustainable development projects in all Lithuania. In 2013 the project was dedicated to the nomination for the substantial contribution to the development of green buildings and in the following year it was evaluated as urban complex. The project “Antakalnio Terasos” – of which „Pušu Terasos“ forms an entity - was ranked among the top three residential real estate projects in the Baltic States by an international real estate team of experts. In the same year this settlement was elected one of the best real estate projects in Europe during the largest international real estate exhibition in Cannes.

This is what we are really proud of: Feldhaus Klinker were chosen for this brave architectural solution. The bricks from the plant in Bad Laer support the clear forms, create harmonic accents and connect the single structures to an entity.

Feldhaus thin bricks R669NF14 were used. Part of the sintra range with hand-mould look these high quality thin bricks provide a huge choice and combine all advantages of modern industrial manufacture with the look of craftsmanship: They clearly benefit from lower water absorption compared to original hand-mould bricks and are colour-fast, frost-resistant and particularly robust at the same time.