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Project management: Chiyang Peng, Partner: Kingart GmbH, Object: Changde, China, Hanover in the middle of China.

The Chinese six-million-resident metropolis of Changde situated in the Northeast of the Province Hunan built a picturesque quarter with narrow alleys, beautiful pitched roofs and colourful façades in the northwestern German architectural style of the end of the 19th century in the shadow of several 30 to 40 storeyed uniform skyscrapers. The main road designed as pedestrian area is called “Hanover Street”. A various mixture of flats, offices, restaurants, cafés and shops settled down in the small quarter. It shows the best side of the Lower Saxon regional capital and is considered as a bridge of friendship between the Chinese town of Changde and Hanover.

Feldhaus Klinker is particularly proud of having been able to contribute to create a realistic Hanover cityscape as well as an authentic atmosphere for business people and tourists in the Central Chinese town of Changde.

Produced in Bad Laer we supplied 10,032 square metres of thin bricks and 69,117 pieces of corners of nine different items for these façades via our exclusive sales partner Kingart GmbH situated in Hanover.

  • Thin bricks: 10.032 Squaremeters
  • Brick corners: 69.117 pieces
  • Partner: Kingart GmbH, Hannover
  • Period: 2015 - 2016