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Architect: MOFO Architekci, Cracow, Poland, Object: Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland, R767NF, U767NF, Winner of the award "Building of the Year 2016" in the competition of the Polish Association of Engineers and Construction Technicians.

The Polish town Tomaszów Mazowiecki is characterised by the old traditions of the textile industry. Although meanwhile it does not play a role any more, there are still some traces left from old industrial buildings with bricks. Also the new downtown shopping centre “Galeria Tomaszów” is built on the foundation walls of an old textile factory. The architectural challenge was to take on the characteristic style of bricks in order to adapt them to the near environment. They particularly focused on the colour of the historic walls and designed matching decorative masonry. Today the building looks as if it has been standing on this very spot since the 20th century.

The Galeria Tomaszów was designed by the Krakow architect’s office MOFO Architekci. About 3,375 m² of Feldhaus thin bricks R767NF14 combined with 6,037 pieces of corners W767NF14 as well as 7,800 pieces of full bricks U767NF were used to establish a new building with traditional brick appearance which perfectly matches the overall picture. This certainly may be a reason why the Galeria Tomaszów won the competition of the Polish Engineering and Construction Association and awarded the price “Building of the Year 2016”.

  • Thin bricks: approx. 3.375 m² R767NF14
  • Corners: 6.037 pieces W767NF14
  • Bricks: 7.800 pieces U767NF
  • Architect: MOFO Architekci, Cracow, Poland
  • Period: 2016