"As the further development of the corona pandemic cannot be estimated, we have decided to suspend the fair", explains Managing Director Nicola Feldhaus. The decision not to present the products and also innovations at BAU 2021 was difficult for the company due to the unforeseeable development. The capacities freed up by this decision will be directed towards the target group-oriented expansion of the communication channels.

"BAU is very important for maintaining and making new contacts. However, as the past few months have shown us, contact during Corona times is only possible to a limited extent. In our opinion, this will not change significantly between now and January," says Sales Manager Jörg Breier. For the Feldhaus company, the health of both customers and employees is a top priority. Contacts should therefore be limited to a necessary minimum. Furthermore, it is not yet clear whether international guests will be able to visit the fair. For Feldhaus Klinker, participation in the BAU trade fair has always been associated with success in the past. A new concept was already in the works for the coming trade fair, which should take account of the positive development.

In order to secure the good order situation in the medium and long term, new products will now be presented to a wide audience via the existing communication and sales channels.