For centuries, bricks as durable and robust façades have been favoured by architects and building owners. As a result of the constantly increasing energetic requirements, they are also more and more used on external thermal insulation composite systems with ceramic facings. Feldhaus Klinker is a professional and reliable partner in the field of façades thanks to its products and the consulting team. An appropriate use of bricks and thin bricks stands for a permanently efficient façade for generations to come.

The know-how of this well-proven construction method gives the last touch to a building and can make its design even more interesting. Stone-faced slurry jointing is a suitable but relatively unknown stylistic device on a brick façade. Originally used as means for the purpose in renovations, this now is a designing alternative also for new buildings. To do this, the brick façade is built as usual and the joints are finished with an appropriate mortar. The façade is then treated with the stone-faced slurry jointing. Depending on the design, mortar colour or intensity can be chosen. In the case of a finely nuanced coating, the brick optics are retained and with a strong coating, the slurry jointing takes effect as a plaster layer in which only the brick structure is visible.

Here, too, the multiplicity of bricks as a long-lasting façade can be seen.

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