Today, the first Covid testing was carried out in-house for production and administration

In recent weeks, an external service provider has already offered regular testing for all interested employees at Feldhaus. Today's testing was carried out for the first time by specially instructed Feldhaus employees. Initially, a total of seven employees agreed to perform the tests on a regular basis. Following detailed instruction by company physician Carolin Salamon, the tests are now offered twice a week free of charge to all employees. "It gives us all a bit more security and allows us to react quickly if necessary," says Sales Manager Jörg Breier, explaining the background to the offer. Operations Manager Alexander Schröder adds that the internal staff makes the company more flexible and allows it to test at short notice in suspicious cases. It is important to Managing Director Nicola Feldhaus that the offer meets with the broadest possible response: "We want our employees to stay healthy and minimize the risk of infection. Through regular testing and existing hygiene measures, we can contribute to this."