R769NF | Frankfurt | Germany

The Apfel-Carré building ensemble in Preungesheim, Germany offers apartments between 42 and 118 square metres. A good half of the more than 100 apartments extend over two floors, 35 are barrier-free. In addition to apartments, the ground floor contains commercial and public areas, including a daycare center for children up to the age of three run by the Diakonisches Werk.

The Apfel-Carré has been selected by the Hessen Chamber of Architects as a showcase project for the 2014 Architecture Day. "In the Apfel-Carré, we are combining for the first time the various subsidy channels in rental housing construction with the aim of creating a balanced resident structure at favorable rents," explains Peter Schirra, Head of the Frankfurt Regional Center of Nassauische Heimstätte (NH).

Various subsidies

One funding channel is the City of Frankfurt's so-called Mittelstandsprogramm (SME Programme), "with which we primarily want to reach people who earn too much for social housing construction, but whose income is actually too scarce for the free housing market in Frankfurt," adds Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NH. For 41 apartments, the funding comes from the Frankfurt programme for family and senior-friendly rental housing (Mittelstandsprogramm). A further 20 apartments are occupied in social rental housing construction. Indirect occupancy" is planned for the remaining 40 apartments: although subsidised with funds for social housing construction, they are free and can be rented out at the customary local rent.

In return, NH provides social housing in other Frankfurt rental properties. The differentiated use of all funding channels allows both low-income earners and households with average incomes to rent an apartment.

Source: https://www.frankfurt-baut.de/das-apfel-carre-in-preungesheim-fuer-gemischte-bewohnerstrukturen/