Apartment Buildings

Architects: KDP Ingenieure, IHP Hansaplanung, Wiggenhorn & van den Hövel, wiewiorra hopp schwark architekten, Object: Hanover, Germany, R757NF, Natural landscapes as a model for a modern neighbourhood concept.

The area along the Mars La Tour street, which is framed by an avenue of trees, is continuously breaking up into (ice) floes of different sizes. The resulting floes, laid out as elevated private residential courtyards, move freely on the property. This drifting creates interesting spatial constellations. An interplay between condensed and open situations in space is created. The paths that are thus formed wind their way through the quarter like a river and are guided by "sliding and bumping banks". The gliding banks form seating areas, while the baffled banks form the boundary to the private residential areas. The paths widen out into courtyards and squares, which serve as recreational areas for the entire quarter and the immediate surroundings (senior citizens' residence, etc.). The system of paths and squares is paved with homogeneous and water-permeable asphalt and interspersed with loose and light groves.

The residential blocks contain various building typologies, each grouped around a private, greened outdoor area. Analogous to the design of the quarter, the communal area is also spatially broken down into fragments. In doing so, the outer zones in front of the apartments are framed in private garden spaces; the resulting negative represents the community area.

The concept provides for a clear separation between car traffic and pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The parking spaces located in the base area of the residential blocks will be developed on the periphery of the residential quarter (Theodor-Heuss-Platz, Zeppelinstrasse and Schackstrasse). This means that the paths and sites between the blocks will be reserved for the residents of the quarter and the surrounding area. These areas are only available for delivery and disposal traffic and emergency services. The buildings on the residential blocks are each accessible from the public area. All apartments on the ground floor have a private garden, which is separated by hedges to the common area.

KDP Ingenieure, IHP Hansaplanung, Wiggenhorn & van den Hövel, wiewiorra hopp schwark architekten, Hannover, Germany, 2011 - 2013

  • Quarter: Mosaik Eilenriede
  • Size: 35.564 squaremeters
  • Order: Urban planning competition 1.
  • Price Customer: Hochtief Solutions,
  • FormArt Investor: AXA Winterthur,
  • Patrizia Fachplaner KFP Ingenieure, IHP
  • Hansa Planung, Wiggenhorn & Vanden Hovel
  • Cooperation: wiewiorra hopp architekten
  • Costs: 50 Mio Euro
  • Period: 2011 - 2013
  • Team: Alred Paul, Renato Marazzi, Patrick Ryser, Michael Osswald, Gerold Leible, Simon Lenz, Franziska Jaggi, Rafael Imhof, Darius Radowski
  • Apartments: 162
  • Total living space: 17.192 Quadratmeter
  • Address: Mars-La-Tour-Straße, 30655 Hannover
  • Source: wiewiorra hopp architekten