"Zeitenwende Energie": The IHK interview with Nicola Feldhaus

In the members' magazine of the Osnabrück - Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Nicola Feldhaus answered questions on the subject of CO2 neutrality and energy.

A brickyard faces special challenges in times of scarce and expensive energy. The greatest concern here is the gas supply. The enormous price increases in the construction sector and rising inflation are clouding the outlook for the construction industry. Today, it pays off that the company invested in the production of clinker brick slips at an early stage. The production of angled aprons using the extrusion process in particular significantly reduces raw material and energy consumption. If the energy required for production and the resulting number of square meters of facade surface are compared, it becomes clear that CO2 emissions are reduced.

CO2 neutrality is a very high priority for Feldhaus Klinker. A 4.8 MW/P photovoltaic system has been installed since September 2022. The goal is to produce "green" hydrogen in order to become independent of fossil fuels.

You can access the entire interview via the IHK website or directly here.