Network meeting at Feldhaus Klinker

Ceramic coverings are a very good way to protect a building from wind and weather in the long term and to enhance its appearance. In combination with an ETIC system, very good insulation values can be achieved, both in new buildings and in the renovation of existing buildings.

In order to gain a better understanding of the production and associated properties of ceramic cladding, all participants were invited to a guided tour of the Feldhaus brick slips factory. After the tour, the focus was on highlighting the practical and theoretical peculiarities in the installation of ETIC systems. For example, the number of anchors for fixing the insulation boards in relation to the wind load, the planning and execution of expansion and field joints, the jointing of the brickwork, the details of the building authority approval, etc. The participants of the meeting were informed about these topics by experts from Knauf and Sakret. The main purpose of a network meeting is for all parties to benefit from each other. This promise was kept, as all 25 plasterers, tilers, contractors, architects and experts present agreed.