Easy to process, multiple uses.

Façades should remain permanently maintenance-free and consistently beautiful. In order for Feldhaus bricks to show their positive characteristics, such as extreme weather resistance, low water absorption and decades of attractive appearance, perfect processing is essential.

In special processing training courses, we make installers fit for all constructional challenges. Feldhaus has extensively trained numerous specialist companies in Germany and worldwide. Learn to create perfect façades in our training courses and benefit from our experience in processing.

Feldhaus training courses help you to implement all specifications exactly according to the valid processing guidelines.

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In addition to first-class product quality, Feldhaus focuses on professional advice and dedicated service especially for installers.

Our qualified employees support you and give you advice on the respective installing methods. We will assist you in the selection of the joint colour, present special blends on request, show wall bonds and their effect as well as the possibilities of accentuated masonry.

Equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of functionalities, the Feldhaus showroom in Bad Laer offers a variety of training opportunities for installers, architects & builders and trade.

The showroom also offers the opportunity to sample our products that match the building - almost all supplementary building materials that are decisive for the appearance of the façade, such as roof tiles or window parts, can be examined and included directly on site.

Bring your requirements together with Feldhaus and use our service advantages for installers.


For over 160 years, Feldhaus has been helping to unleash the qualitative potential of each individual project - in an understandable and explanatory way.Please contact us.


Advantages at a glance.

  • Easy to install due to standard dimensions.
  • Premixed, as it is taken from the kiln car at different points; further mixing when stacking/packing.
  • Little sand residue, as cleaning with brushes is carried out during automatic boxing.
  • Less breakage, as "broken" material is automatically sorted out.
  • No residues from cutting on the reverse side, as with the products of the competitors. Feldhaus bricks can therefore be processed without prior cleaning.
  • Always "perfectly" stacked pallets, as they are stacked by robots and not by hand.
  • Dry material to be processed immediately, as it is mainly stored under roof.

Whether digitally or in our showroom - we accompany you with regular and qualified training opportunities and training courses concerning processing issues.


We produce more than 2500 products – ranging from all-time favorites to innovations. Discover thin bricks, facing bricks and pavers. The combinations and possibilities of seven different surfaces, 200 colours and 30 formats leave nothing to be desired.


Worldwide Feldhaus stands for outstanding quality, durability, uncompromising reliability and innovative strength - Made in Germany.

The quality characteristics of the Feldhaus products particularly include low water absorption. As an example: While conventional hand-moulded bricks absorb up to 20 percent water the value for Feldhaus bricks in hand-moulded appearance is only between two and five percent. Adverse influences such as rain, dirt and emissions cannot harm the bricks. The surface remains clean and does not weather and retains its beautiful appearance and colour.

Further properties at a glance:

frost-resistant environmentally friendly low water absorption colour-fast weather-resistant fire-resistant suitable for ETICS conforming to standards

  • frost-resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • low water absorption
  • colour-fast
  • weather-resistant
  • fire-resistant
  • suitable for ETICS (thin bricks)
  • conforming to standards

A façade with brick or thin bricks from Feldhaus maintains value in new buildings, enhances the value of old buildings and has no follow-up costs.

With rising energy prices and stricter legislation, façade insulation is an important consideration. Thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) have long proven their worth in façade renovation. Above all, because no additional foundation is required. The ETIC system is firmly connected to the old façade with adhesive mortar and dowels. The thin bricks provide weather protection and are also a design element. A professionally installed thin brick façade is indistinguishable from facing brickwork and just as durable.

A building protected with thin bricks increases its value. When constructing a new building with an ETICS, space is saved due to the slim wall construction, which is a decisive advantage in times of high land prices.

In addition to a thin brick façade, a cavity wall build with Feldhaus facing bricks also offers a solid, durable and visually attractive exterior.


Our digital trainings help users to make their work easier and more productive and to solve installation professionally.


Competent, personal and direct: You have a fixed contact person with industry-specific knowledge in your region, whom you can contact with any questions you may have.

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Trainings for users & partners. Knowledge that matters.



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Trainings for users & partners. Knowledge that matters.

Our trainings help users to make their work easier and more productive and to implement them professionally. For over 160 years Feldhaus has been helping to release the qualitative potential of each individual project - easy to understand and self-explaining.