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Feldhaus is partner for builders and investors who need to keep track of complex and long-term investment decisions. For all those who are looking for products that are up-to-date and have already proven themselves in worldwide projects over many years. For builders and investors who expect more. More planning reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality.

We support you in facing these challenges efficiently. With comprehensive industry know-how Feldhaus has the right solutions and services for effective and efficient use in your project. Choose Feldhaus and lay the foundation for your project success already in the tendering process.

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Rely on planning security, profitability and transparency.

In addition to first-class product quality, Feldhaus relies on professional advice and dedicated service. Our qualified employees support you in the creation of your façade - on site or in the Feldhaus showroom. You will be specifically informed about all design possibilities. We will accompany you in the selection of the joint colour, present special blends, show wall bonds and their effect as well as the possibilities of accentuated masonry. In addition, we provide information on the respective processing methods. Equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of functionalities, the Feldhaus showroom in Bad Laer offers architects, retailers, craftsmen and private builders one of the largest exhibitions in the industry on around 1400 square metres of floor space. The showroom not only offers the opportunity to select and sample our products to match the building - almost all supplementary building materials that are decisive for the appearance of the façade, such as roof tiles or window parts, can be inspected directly on site and included in the selection. Link your building projects to Feldhaus. Rely on attractive services for your project and sought-after bricks and thin bricks for your properties.
If you are a builder or investor ...
  • and want to ensure the success of your building projects in all phases,
  • strive for transparency and security in the planning process,
  • are dependent on absolute reliability in the process of the project and want to minimise risks,
then take the next step and contact the sales person in your area. We will be happy to explain your possibilities in a personal meeting.
Building owners & Investors

Benefits at a glance.

Whether digitally, on your premises or in our showroom - we accompany you as a house-builder or investor as well as your architects & planners with free qualified consulting services in all work phases concerning tendering, planning, design and implementation.
Maintains value in new buildings, enhances the value of old buildings and has no follow-up costs. With rising energy prices and stricter legislation, façade insulation is an important consideration. Thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) have long proven their worth in façade renovation. Above all, because no additional foundation is required. The ETIC system is firmly connected to the old façade with adhesive mortar and dowels. The thin bricks provide weather protection and are also a design element. Professionally processed, a thin brick façade is indistinguishable from facing brickwork and just as durable. Compared to plaster systems, there are no follow-up costs, e.g. for new coatings. A building protected with thin bricks reliably increases its value. When constructing a new building with an ETICS, you save space due to the thinner wall construction, which is a decisive advantage in times of high land prices. In addition to a thin brick façade, a cavity wall build with Feldhaus facing bricks also offers a solid, durable and visually attractive exterior.
Feldhaus bricks are made of natural raw materials and stand for both: innovation and quality. The natural clay as well as the permanent production optimisation make them a contemporary as well as ecologically valuable building material and enable environmentally friendly construction. Thus Feldhaus products already prove their special features during their production: Since Feldhaus corners are not cut from a full brick, valuable raw materials are saved. Furthermore, there is no waste. And material that does not meet the high quality requirements is fed back into the production process. This protects the environment and resources. The innovative production method of the corners was awarded a prize by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment as particularly environmentally friendly. Due to the optimisation of resource efficiency, current new construction and conversion projects of the production facilities are being supported by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the State of Lower Saxony (SER).
Fulfil your wishes for more quality of life and living. Whether you are planning a conversion, a renovation or a new building - in addition to the economic aspect, there is always the requirement of an energy-efficient solution due to the Energy Saving Laws (EnEV). Bricks from Feldhaus not only provide a weather façade and protection for generations, but above all they also ensure low energy costs. An unbeatable advantage in times of rising energy costs.
We produce more than 2500 products – ranging from all-time favorites to innovations. Discover thin bricks, facing bricks and pavers. The combinations and possibilities of seven different surfaces, 200 colours and 30 formats leave nothing to be desired.
Our diversity unfolds your possibilities. If your project and housing construction is individual, Feldhaus also gives free rein to creativity. Exactly what you want, exactly what you need - exclusive architectural approaches. In the context of larger building projects you can put together your own individual mix from the models offered and thus give your building project a distinctive face. For more exclusive architectural approaches we also develop tailor-made bricks according to your ideas with the help of the latest production technology. Get a hold on individual assortments, special formats, shaped bricks as well as country-specific formats, colours and surfaces - exactly according to your requirements and perfectly matched to your building project. Take advantage from our know-how and let Feldhaus produce your individual design starting from 1000 m².
Take advantage of the free Feldhaus tools for your planning. For example you can use the configurator with photo upload to get a first visual impression of our products and to choose a suitable brick.
Competent, personal and direct: You have a fixed contact person with industry-specific knowledge in your region, whom you can contact with any questions you may have.

Responsibility for generations to come.

The harmony of economy, ecology and social responsibility has been an integral part of Feldhaus' corporate culture for generations. We define sustainable development as the instrument to achieve long-term growth and in doing so we feel responsible, beyond the manufacture of bricks, to create and preserve living spaces. We aligned our corporate social responsibility accordingly: Socially responsible and actively following ecological principles. For our employees, partners, customers and for the entire region.


Following clear environmental goals for all business areas, Feldhaus conducts all activities in an elaborate and sustainable manner. We permanently focus on investments for reducing energy consumption, resource preservation and renaturation. Resources are used responsibly and, in many cases, we go beyond the legal requirements. This includes the commitment to an environmentally friendly procurement ranging from the entire supply chain to business partners. 

  • decarbonisation
  • preserving resources
  • renaturation

These measures ensure that our customers receive environmentally compatible products.

Humans & society

Feldhaus is actively commited to health and safety on the workplace. To do this we pay attention to social and coporate standards and continuously work on developing them further. We mainly focus on the areas of social conditions, safety at work, site as well as environmental management.

Business practices

Feldhaus promotes a value-oriented corporate philosophy which is not only based on quantitative, economic values but also on qualitative values such as moral-cultural, social and other non-financial ones. Acting responsibly and fairly is encouraged and achieved by employees who identify themselves with the corporate values and principles and independently recognise the right actions.


Finding the balance between social, economic and ecological factors is a challenge. Optimally using resources throughout the entire development and production process already starts in the field of product design when choosing the right materials, reduced use of materials and lower emissions during production.

Even during production Feldhaus corners prove their particularity: As Feldhaus corners don’t require a supporting brick, valuable raw material is saved. Material that doesn’t meet the quality requirements is returned to the production process. The innovative production method was awarded particularly environmentally friendly by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

  • Thin bricks and corners are directly extruded in the required mould and not cut.
  • Use of exclusively non-labelled natural additives.
  • Low-waste production with comparatively small primary expenses.
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Quality benefits

Quality benefits

Outstanding quality with a maximum of reliability.

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More than 2500 exhibits - one of the largest exhibitions. We offer clinker bricks to touch in our 1400 m² showroom - including detailed technical advice. Whether at your site or in our showroom - we help with the creative façade design.