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We offer bricks you can touch in our 1400 m² showroom - including detailed technical advice.


Living spaces of the future. Inspiration becomes reality.

Modern brick architecture in vivid tradition. Discover selected projects worldwide. Let yourself be inspired by a variety of reference objects with Feldhaus solutions to make the best of your building scheme.


“The Porter Building”, Slough, Great Britain

The first office building in Great Britain to be awarded with the BREEAM certificate 'Very good' by the International WELL Building Institute™.


Responsibility for generations to come.

The harmony of economy, ecology and social responsibility has been an integral part of Feldhaus' corporate culture for generations. We define sustainable development as the instrument to achieve long-term growth and in doing so we feel responsible, beyond the manufacture of bricks, to create and preserve living spaces. We aligned our corporate social responsibility accordingly: Socially responsible and actively following ecological principles. For our employees, partners, customers and for the entire region.


Following clear environmental goals for all business areas, Feldhaus conducts all activities in an elaborate and sustainable manner. We permanently focus on investments for reducing energy consumption, resource preservation and renaturation. Resources are used responsibly and, in many cases, we go beyond the legal requirements. This includes the commitment to an environmentally friendly procurement ranging from the entire supply chain to business partners. 

  • decarbonisation
  • preserving resources
  • renaturation

These measures ensure that our customers receive environmentally compatible products.

Humans & society

Feldhaus is actively commited to health and safety on the workplace. To do this we pay attention to social and coporate standards and continuously work on developing them further. We mainly focus on the areas of social conditions, safety at work, site as well as environmental management.

Business practices

Feldhaus promotes a value-oriented corporate philosophy which is not only based on quantitative, economic values but also on qualitative values such as moral-cultural, social and other non-financial ones. Acting responsibly and fairly is encouraged and achieved by employees who identify themselves with the corporate values and principles and independently recognise the right actions.


Finding the balance between social, economic and ecological factors is a challenge. Optimally using resources throughout the entire development and production process already starts in the field of product design when choosing the right materials, reduced use of materials and lower emissions during production.

Even during production Feldhaus corners prove their particularity: As Feldhaus corners don’t require a supporting brick, valuable raw material is saved. Material that doesn’t meet the quality requirements is returned to the production process. The innovative production method was awarded particularly environmentally friendly by the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

  • Thin bricks and corners are directly extruded in the required mould and not cut.
  • Use of exclusively non-labelled natural additives.
  • Low-waste production with comparatively small primary expenses.
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