A ceremonial opening of the Feldhaus Visitor Centre on 27 and 28 June 2015 attracted 4,000 guests to Bad Laer. The completion of the Visitor Centre showed that a place to marvel was created for interested architects, trade, craftsmen and private building owners. From now on, the fascination for the oldest building material in the history of mankind will be presented on 1400 m² and detailed and qualified advice help to improve final results..

First, the Visitor Centre was presented to invited guests on 27 June 2015. On the subject “fire and flame”, many builder’s merchants, architects, installers and craftsmen witnessed how Managing Director Nicola Feldhaus finally officially inaugurated the Visitor Centre.

The following day the public was invited to the “open day”. There were culinary offers on the Feldhaus market place with a wok station, French crêpes, steak rolls, grilled sausage and refreshing drinks. The marching band "The Speedos" ensured musical entertainment and a good atmosphere in bright sunshine. The spectators were able to visit the Feldhaus factory premises with tractor and covered wagon.

The children also got their entertainment opportunities: a large bouncy castle, a balloon station and a children's handicraft workshop "Beautify your thin bricks!".

The spectacular proceeds of about 8,000 € from food and drink and the donations received were donated for work in the curative education centres in Bad Laer.