In honour of the 80th birthday of the managing director Bernhard Feldhaus in 2018 his employees gave him a very special Christian crucifix because of his strong faith.

A long history had already laid behind the crucifix: originating from France, travelling through England and finally being discovered by two dear employees at Bückeburg Castle, Germany. Contrary to the usual image, however, it is not Jesus Christ who is in the middle of the crucifix, but the Mother of God. The seven roses shown around her represent the seven sacraments (Baptism, Anointing of Myron, Eucharist, Confession, Marriage, Sacrament of Consecration, Anointing of the Sick). Two angels are depicted at the feet of the Mother of God and underneath them are three more roses. These three roses stand for the Trinity of the Christian faith (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

As a sign of honour and thank Mr. Feldhaus and his wife decided to give this crucifix a very special place. After an elaborate restoration the crucifix was finally integrated into a beautiful wayside shrine directly on Remseder Strasse at the entrance to the showroom. The inscription on sandstone emphasises for what the crucifix is supposed to stand: "God protect and bless our employees".

In bright sunshine on 7 February 2020 this wayside shrine and all Feldhaus employees were finally officially blessed in a small church service celebrated by Pastor Maik Stenzel and Deacon Matthias Beering from the parish of Bad Laer. All employees and neighbours were invited to join the service and celebrate the blessing afterwards with plenty of food and drink.

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